Congregational Ministries

Congregational Ministries

Youth and Family Ministry
Youth and Family ministry covers a wide variety of activities such as the Christmas program, confirmation, youth library, family programs, summer programs and youth activities.

Women of the Church Ministry Women of the Church are engaged in the church activities of Study Circles, Quilting, Volunteering at the Local Thrift Shop and Meals On Wheels Delivery.

Worship and Music Ministry
This ministry has the responsibility of selecting special presentations to the congregation, altar guild and communion distribution.
Evangelism Ministry
This ministry is responsible for the direction of college ministries, social ministries within our congregation such as the Fall Bazaar and Fair Trades Sales and church publicity.
Adult Discipleship Ministry
Adult Discipleship Ministry is responsible to give direction to the curriculum of our educational studies. This ministry also distributes the “Christ in our home” devotionals and oversees the Adult Library.
Building and Grounds Ministry
The Buildings and Grounds Ministry are involved with the upkeep and repairs to the church building and all the grounds. There are annual dates when all congregational members are invited to participate in work days to make light the work of keeping our church in good condition.

Care Ministry
Our Care Ministry team Is charged with the immediate needs and care of people within our community. They work closely with county agencies to see that the needs are met.
Congregational Life Ministry           The Congregational Life Ministry is charged with the organizing of Fellowship activities within our congregation.
These activities also will include any special events and receptions.

Stewardship Ministry

The Stewardship Ministry is responsible for making our congregation aware that we all have different talents that should be used in helping each other and our congregation.