Sudan Missions

 February 2017

Big News and Big changes from Uganda. The situation in South Sudan continues to worsen. People are flooding into Uganda due to increased fighting and starvation. Near Moyo, Uganda where our ASAH com- pound was/is located three to five thousand refugees are crossing the border into Uganda. To avoid any fu- ture conflicts and in the quest of getting the best education, ASAH has closed the compound in Moyo and moved all 44 girls down to Zana, Uganda which is a just South of Kampala. This was a 300 mile 14 hour bus ride for the girls.

On my travels I was able to reconnect with Daniel and his family at the Kiryandongo Resettlement camp, which is near the center of the country.

If you want to learn more about my trip and the ASAH program, come to the March 26th Pot Luck and Presen- tation. For a bonus we will also be showing the short movie (30 minutes) “The Orphans of The Nile”.

Thanks, Paul Fields

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