Youth and Family Activities


  • April 15th 9:00-9:30am I, Addie,  will be meeting with the Pre-School-8th Graders during Sunday school to watch a video about Jesus and have a short discussion with them.

    April 15th 9:30-10:00am I, Addie,  will be meeting with the High School Students to watch a video and have a short chat with them also.

    *Hoping to meet and connect with as many of the youth as possible at this time so please try to have them attend if at all possible.


    April 15th- Kite Flying  4-6pm

    Kite flying is fun for many reasons one being to get outside of course! Others include socializing, mindfulness and exercise too! We will supply the kites and some snacks too. For all ages! Get outside- get into nature! RSVP if possible to

    April 22nd Is EARTH DAY!

    We will be cleaning up liter on some of the streets and parks of Platteville along with planting a tree right here on our grounds. Small snack will be served too.


    April 25th Faith-FILLED YOGA


    Wednesday April 25th

    6:30-7:15 pm

    AGES 12 and UP

    Join Group Fitness Instructor & LCOP youth coordinator, Addie, in this uplifting event of stretching your body and your mind. We will be focusing on breathing, stretching, moving and scripture. This will be for youth AND FAMILIES who are seeking some soul searching some relaxing and some Jesus. This is a NON INTIMIDATING NON JUDGMENTAL ZONE for anyone who truly wants to just open their hearts and their minds to Christ to one another and to themselves.


    **please rsvp to

    **please bring a yoga mat or large towel

    April 29th Croquet at Pastors home!

    Get outside and play the old time family favorite game of Croquet. We will be sharing scripture and a light meal too!

    4-6 pm

    Excited for the CHILDREN  AND for the FAMILIES to get together to celebrate Jesus and also to spend time with one another. Church is not just for Sundays- Church is not just a place we go….WE ARE THE CHURCH- us…together…we are the CHURCH! Let us work together as one family to know Christ and to make Christ known.

    Any questions please ask!

    Thank you, Addie

    **we rise by lifting others**